At the current time, this policy is for full-time employees who make a donation to the college/university they attended.


1.  All full-time employees are eligible to participate in the Matching Donations Program. 

2.  A gift must be paid, not pledged, in order to qualify for matching.

3.  The Matching Fund Limit is $500 per employee per calendar year. 

4.  The minimum employee gift eligible for a match is $50.

5.  Donations are matched on a 1:1 basis.


1.  Matching gifts may not be used to satisfy a personal pledge, tithe, or similar commitment. 

2.  Payment of dues, tuition, memberships or subscription fees.

3.  Contributions that result in the employee or other person receiving a benefit (e.g., auction items; raffle, theater, or sporting event tickets; golf tournaments; booster clubs; or benefit meals). 

4.  Fees for goods or services. 

5.  Indirect gifts, such as payment of any of the organization’s bills. 

6.  Contributions that are earmarked for a specific individual, for lobbying or for participation in a political campaign.

7.  Deferred gifts (e.g., annuities, charitable remainder trusts), bequests and insurance premiums that name the Eligible Organization as a beneficiary.

8.  Payments that do not otherwise meet the requirements of this policy. 

Failure to comply with the policy may result in disciplinary measures and/or termination of employment.


Applications will be accepted continuously throughout the year. Applicants will be notified within ten (10) business days of submitting the application.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.